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Cooperative Build Social Housing

According to danviet.vn on 11 July 2013 article, Gia Phu Cooperative will coordinate with NHO (National Housing Organization) to build Thanh Loc apartment (First Home -HCM) for low and middle-income people.

HCM First Home is expected to commence on 26 of July, which is a social housing project for low and middle-income people invested by HCMC Cooperative Union to develop housing fund to cater for the cooperative members and workers that have low and middle incomes. This is a new journey, bringing a modern apartment, conveniences with the reasonable price and the best utility services for residents.

According to Gia Phu Cooperative, this project is located in Thanh Loc Ward, District 12, North West of HCMC, which is surrounded by a part of National Highway 1A, and is known as an important traffic gateway of the city, linking with the Southeastern provinces. HCM First Home project is built at the place which hass favorable infrastructure for economic development.

Some shopping center such as Big C, Metro…, Binh Chieu Industrial Park, Song Than Industrial Park …and high-rise buildings, apartment has quickly established along the boulevard. HCM First Home is the project which marks the cooperation among the Gia Phu Cooperative – a member of HCMC Cooperative Union,  National Housing Organization JSC, and Korea Companies are responsible for management and execution.

This project will promise to bring a modern and convinient living space and  be a part of city residential. HCMC First Home project is built under the Korean standard, which has an area from 43m2 to 61m2 and the price from 380 million to 600 million. Every apartment has 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, kitchen room, toilet and airy window to enjoy the fresh air. With the idea of bringing a comfortable apartment for resident, the investor is committed in keeping the construction schedule of 24 months.

For the purpose of effective implementation of the program of HCMC Party Committee regarding the Resolution No.13 of Central V” about continuing the innovation, development and improvement of the collective economic effectiveness and instructed No. 07/2003/CT-UB dated 23 April 2003 of HCMC People’s Committee regarding “housing for low and middle-income people". 

HCMC Cooperative Union has held the research and developed a program “Cooperative join in the development, management and supply housing service for low and middle-income people.” The purpose of the program is to bring the collective economic and Cooperative participates in the development of housing policy for people, especially low and middle income, essentially for the members of Cooperative.

To execute the above strategy,  HCMC Cooperative Union had established Gia Phu Cooperative as a first pilot program. Gia Phu Cooperative is organized and operated as an enterprise with nature of socio-economic characteristics with high human values, in which members of Cooperative have a binding relationship: “Cooperative members are not only  apartment owners,  but also customers of cooperative”.