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Business Plan
To achieve our vision “Global Group leading Asia”,
NIBC will strengthen core competencies and enhance management efficiency.
Despite global economic setbacks, NIBC Group achieved systematic and sustainable growth in six core business areas: Business Development, Affordable Housing Development, Construction, Sales & Marketing, Sales & Marketing, Hospitality & Property Management, and Trading in year 2011 and 2012. 
With such successful experiences and advanced strategies, NIBC will continue to invest in the six core businesses in Vietnam, and actively expand investments in Southeast Asian countries such as Cambodia and Thailand. Through market expansion, NIBC Group will accomplish the vision toward becoming “Global Group leading Asia”.

The NIBC Business Development part has various project development experiences in overseas. In Vietnam, NIBC has successfully carried out PM (Project Management) of SUMMT Project in Da Nang and An Phusin Project in Quang Ngai. Currently other projects and project development are undergoing in HCMC and Da Nang. Having these experiences in Business Development and other areas, NIBC is planning a large scale project which has a synergy effect within business areas.
NIBC established the Affordable Housing Development brand ‘NESTHOME’ not only to meet the business demand but also to fulfill the corporate social responsibility to address the housing shortage problem in underprivileged countries. NESTHOME 1 project in Da Nang, Vietnam has successfully undergone building strong ‘NESTHOME’ brand awareness. Moreover, the construction firm for NESTHOME project established through the partnership with investors in Singapore. Thus, NESTHOME 2 and NESTHOME 3 project will be embarked on very soon.
NIBC has delivered various construction projects such as Danang SUMMIT Project, Quang Ngai urban project, and Quang Ngai new terminal project. NIBC will conduct successful CM & Construction by the partnership with Handong E&C and its construction expertise and knowhow.
NIBC Management set the sales and marketing strategy from the first phase of the Business Development. Currently, NIBC Management is ambitiously participating in investment sales and marketing for Da Nang SUMMIT Project and Quang Ngai Project.
Encouraged by the success of local development project for Alcove Hotel and Road House Saigon, NIBC is currently expanding hotel and restaurant business. Alcove Hotel is the first boutique hotel in Ho Chi Minh, and is highly acclaimed for satisfying the need of concept hotel in Vietnam. We are also planning additional hotel development in Ho Chi Minh.
NIBC Trading established direct trading network between Korea and Vietnam. Moreover, we built the local distribution network supported by local home shopping management experience over many years. NIBC Trading will try every effort to secure new growth engine supported by well -established our local and aboard distribution network.