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        Chairman’s Message

Facing the new global era, many domestic enterprises are looking for the new market and the better investment outlets in the global market. 

However, suitable investment outlets and the satisfactory investment results are hard to find due to lack of information and understanding of local markets. In order to meet this need, NIBC strives to provide superior consulting service for global investors in Vietnam, Southeast Asia, and around the world.

Since 2009, NIBC has provided the consulting services for various real estate businesses such as apartment, villa, shopping mall and hotel, and we’ve brought successful results and outcomes to our investors and customers consistently.

Currently, NIBC provides consultation, joint investment and project management in Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand as well as Vietnam with our knowhow, strategies, and networks based on our successful experiences. 
NIBC will be the premier partner for investors who seek new investment opportunites in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.